Po'Boy Sandwiches

All Po'Boy sandwiches come with your choice of Zesty Pasta Salad or bag of chips


Fried Catfish Po'Boy

The Traditionalist

A catfish filet is dredged in our special cornmeal-based breading and then deep fried to golden perfection.  You ain't really tried a Po'Boy to you've had a Fried Catfish Po'Boy.

Fried Shrimp Po'Boy

The Crowd Pleaser

This Po'Boy is generously packed with succulent shrimp wrapped in our signature cornmeal-based breading.  These juicy bites of goodness combined with our tangy, special coleslaw make a winning combo.

Fried Chicken Po'Boy

The Old Faithful

Winnah, winnah - Fried Chicken Po'Boy for dinner. Breaded fried chicken chunks, topped with a tangy coleslaw and nestled in a toasted hoagie roll give this sandwich a delicious balance.


Grilled Catfish Po'Boy

The Healthy Alternative

This catfish filet is seasoned with Cajun spices and then grilled to perfection.  Enjoy this classic Po'Boy with all the same flavors and a little less of the guilt.

Grilled Shrimp Po'Boy

The Natural

Calling all seafood lovers...The special blend of Cajun seasoning on these grilled shrimps really brings out its natural flavor while the toasted hoagie roll gives it that perfect crunch.

Grilled Chicken Po'Boy

The Minimalist

The humble grilled chicken gets a makeover in this Po'Boy.  Dusted with a little bit of a Cajun kick and topped with a tangy homemade coleslaw, this ain't your average grilled chicken sandwich.



Homemade Chicken Gumbo

Our Homemade Chicken Gumbo is an aromatic and spicy soup-stew packed with chicken, fresh vegetables, and traditional Creole flavors.  This Cajun comfort food is like a warm hug and is paired perfectly with one scoop of rice.


Sides & Beverages


Zesty Pasta Salad


Assorted Chips


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